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Swisstrax Floor Tiles

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Do you have a cracked, stained, or just plain boring garage floor? Did you know we can transform it into a fully customized, fade resistant, durable, non-slip work of art? Our industrial strength polymer floor tiles are the best on the market, and they come with a 15 year non-prorated, no-hassle warranty. As resilient as they are beautiful, these tiles easily resist acids, alkalis, gasoline, and even hydraulic fluid spills.

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Benefits of Garage Floor Tiles ...

  • Durable Flooring, Rain or Shine. With UV stabilizers mixed into both the tile and the pigment, you never need to worry about getting your garage floor wet or allowing sunshine to stream in.
  • Superior Strength Tile Flooring. Our garage floor tiles are built ultra thick for extra protection. They can withstand up to 70,000 lbs. of rollover weight and have a compressive strength of an impressive 3120 psi.
  • We Offer Several Custom Tile Designs. With 19 colors to choose from and an easy to use garage floor designer tool, you can truly make your garage floor your own.
  • Made From Sustainable Material! All materials are regionally sourced and are 100% post-consumer recycled.
  • Damage Protection. Common garage floor coatings such as epoxy and floor paint don’t provide much protection against damage.
  • Our Tile Flooring Is Safe. Garage floor tiles do not produce VOCs (volatile organic compounds) through off-gassing.
  • Easy Installation And Replacement. Unlike traditional floor coatings, garage floor tiles are clean and easy to install. If any section of the floor ever needs replacement, it is simple to replace only the damaged area.
  • Easy To Clean. An occasional wash with a hose or pressure washer will keep your garage floor tiles looking their best.

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