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Garage Shelving storage systems

Having garage shelving storage systems installed can impact how your garage looks and functions. It can increase the amount of storage space you have, allow you to once again park your car safely in your garage, and make your garage look organized. While much of America focuses on decluttering, it’s becoming more important than ever to have a permanent place to store your items neatly.

Whether you are buying a new home without existing garage shelving or think it’s time to give your garage a much needed upgrade, call us at (720) 883-1861 or use our contact form. As the leading provider of garage shelving solutions in Denver, we’d be happy to discuss your garage storage needs with you.

Why Choose Garage Shelving?

benefits of our storage systems

  • Create a Safer Garage. By using garage shelving, you can keep items off your garage floor and create a safer garage. This includes common garage items such as power tools, bins, bikes, lawn, garden equipment, and sports equipment. Not only will you not accidentally step on or trip over these items, it keeps common household hazards further away from wandering kids and pets.
  • Choose from Two Shelf Depths. We carry two different shelf depths to help you create the garage organization system that best suits your needs. The 20-inch depth is ideal if you don’t need a ton of extra storage space, have a single car garage, or want to limit the shelf’s profile. The 33.5-inch depth is great for those who have the space or need to maximize their garage storage to the fullest.
  • Double Your Garage Wall Storage Space. If you’ve run out of garage wall space, we can double up shelves, providing you with much more storage space even in small spaces. We know where to place shelves to maximize the amount of garage storage shelves without looking cluttered. This is a perfect solution for small garages and utility rooms.
  • The Strongest Shelves on the Market! At Amazing Garage Solutions, we’re proud to sell one of the strongest garage shelving systems available. Our garage shelving systems will hold up to 600 pounds for every 4 feet of installed shelving. This means that you don’t have to worry about how heavy the boxes are that you’re storing.

Having professionally installed garage shelving storage systems can make the difference between a solution that lasts and being stressed about where to store things. Our team at Amazing Garage Solutions has the experience, reliability, and expertise to truly transform your garage with shelving. Call us at (720) 883-1861 or contact us through our website to set up a consultation for a personalized quote. Our existing clients recognize us for providing lasting, high-quality garage storage solutions at affordable and competitive rates.

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